CCW Tech:  Essential CCW Gear

CCW Tech: Essential CCW Gear

Jun 6th, 20101 Comment

Once you have made the decision to carry a concealed weapon, you will quickly realize that there are a whole host of issues that you must address, not least of which is selecting the proper gear. My advice is to buy quality gear. It lasts longer, is more comfortable, and generally does its job better than “bargain basement” equipment. Here are a few “must have” items to start with

Training With a Purpose

Training With a Purpose

Jun 2nd, 2010No Comments

When I go to the range and watch the other shooters, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Most of their targets look like someone took a shotgun to them with shots scattered over every square inch. These people aren’t practicing, they are just throwing money downrange. It is important that you train with a purpose