Consolidated Arizona Training

Aug 7th, 2010No Comments

FMI is proud to announce that we have joined with Independence Firearms Training (Prescott, AZ) to form Consolidated Arizona Training (CAT).

CAT was created to better meet the demand for quality firearms and emergency preparedness training throughout the state of Arizona.  We recognized that individuals in the rural parts of the state were forced to travel to obtain training.  Many of these families, especially in the border counties, are rightfully concerned for their safety, but due to the time and cost just couldn’t travel for training.  CAT is dedicated to bringing the training they need to them at an affordable price.

CAT is currently offering classes in:

  • Defensive Pistol
  • Defensive Carbine
  • Emergency Preparedness, &
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Youth Weapons Safety

Our minimum class size is twelve students and we are available to teach anywhere in Arizona.

To find out more, contact FMI.


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