Tucson Shooting Ranges

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I get a lot of calls and searches concerning gun ranges in Tucson.  FMI does not have their own range at this time, however there are several shooting ranges in Tucson and the surrounding area.

Southeast Regional Park Shooting Range

Owned and operated by Pima County, and located near the Pima County Fairground.  This is a nice range with bays out to 200 yards.  They do not rent guns but do have eye & ear protection, gun rests, chronographs, and boresights available.  This is a controlled range and they will call a cease fire every 15 minutes for target resets.  As of this writing, they are open Thursday through Sunday.  Click for website…

Tucson Mountain Park Rifle and Pistol Range

Also owned and operated by Pima County, this range is located on Kinney Road near Gates Pass.  They have ranges out to 100 yards.  Automatic weapons and shotguns are prohibited.  I’ve never shot at Tucson Mountain Park, but being a publicly owned range I assume they also do the 15 minute cease fire.  As of this writing they are open Friday through Sunday.  Click for website…

Pima Pistol Club

Club owned and operated, PPC has numerous pistol bays as well as a 100 yard and a 200 yard rifle range.  PPC hosts a number of competitions throughout the month and bays are available for rent by members.  Located in Catalina off of Oracle road, it is not the easiest range to find, however they are open every day except Thanksgivings and Christmas.  Annual membership dues range from $85 to $140.  PPC is definitely worth checking out.  Click for website…

 Three Points Public Shooting Range (Tucson Rifle Club)

The Tucson Rifle Club has been around since 1896 and moved out to Three Points in 1967.  They have an outstanding series of ranges and can accommodate rifles out to 1000 yards.  They host a number of competitions every month.  This is a nice range complex if you don’t mind making the drive.  Annual memberships are $60.  Click for website…

Marksman Pistol Ranges

Marksman operates the only indoor ranges in Tucson and the only ranges that rent guns.  They have two locations; one on 29th Street near Davis Monthan AFB and one on Prince west of Oracle.  Both locations also sell guns and shooting supplies.  They offer annual memberships.  I am not overly fond of indoor ranges, however Marksman has good air circulation at both facilities and they are air conditioned (a definite plus during the Tucson summer).  Bay space is limited but I have rarely had to wait to shoot.  Rifles are only permitted in pistol calibers.  Marksman is definitely convenient if your shooting time is limited and you don’t mind the sound of gunfire in confined areas.  Click for website…

Thats all Tucson has to offer in terms of public shooting ranges.  There are a couple of private ranges, but, hey, they’re private so I’m not listing them here.  Tucson Rod and Gun Club claims they are working to build a range in Reddington Pass, but they’ve been talking and collecting money since I moved to Tucson in 2004 with no progress as far as I can tell.  Additionally, the Marana Shooting Club has a range off of Avra Valley Road.  They have limited hours and I have never been there so I can’t provide any information other than what is on their website.

Many shooters choose to head out to the desert and shoot on public lands.  While this is still legal, the land owner reserves the right to prohibit shooting at any time.  If you choose to shoot on public land, be a good neighbor and protect our rights by operating your guns safely and cleaning up after yourself.  Don’t bring your household junk and bottles for targets.

If I’ve missed a range let me know in the comments.  See you on the firing line.

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