Update: Arizona Gun Laws (April 2012)

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Governor Brewer recently decided on several proposed bills affecting Arizona hunters and gun owners.

Bills Signed

HB 2728:  Allows hunters to use legally possessed suppressors (silencers) on guns used for hunting.  Noise complaints, according to the NRA news release, are often used to close shooting ranges, informal shooting areas, and hunting lands.  It is thought that the use of suppressors will help to reduce these complaints.

HB 2457:  Possession of Unauthorized Weapons While Hunting.  Allows hunters to carry firearms while hunting that are not authorized for the taking of game, as long as the unauthorized firearm is not used for the taking of game.  This permits the hunter to carry a firearm for self defense.  This law codifies into law what was already common practice and relieves the hunter of the possibility of a Fish & Game Department citation.

HB 2640:  Prohibits the restriction of magazine capacity while hunting with an authorized firearm.

Bills Vetoed

HB 2729:  State Regulation of Firearms.  Proposed changes would have eliminated the ability of public (ie. state and local government) facilities to prohibit the lawful carry of firearms on the premises, unless certain conditions were met (secure facility, firearms storage lockers, etc).

AZ HJR 2001:  Would have authorized the opposition of an international force on American soil that seeks to enforce any United Nations treaty.  This bill was directed at the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, which includes regulation of private firearms ownership.

Several other important firearms related bills remain on the table.  To review them visit the Arizona Citizens Defense League’s Bill Tracking page.

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