Which States Honor Arizona’s CCW Permit?

May 1st, 2012No Comments

Do you travel outside of Arizona?  Did you know that 34 States currently honor Arizona’s CCW permit?  This is called reciprocity and the bottom line is that you can carry concealed in those 34 States with your Arizona permit.  The thing to remember is that you must follow the laws of the State in which you are traveling, even if they are different from Arizona’s.  This is a very important caveat!  Also, reciprocity agreements change so make sure you check before you travel.

To see which States currently honor Arizona’s CCW permit, you can check the AZ DPS page.  AZ DPS Reciprocity Page

To review the laws and rules of the other States, check out Handgunlaw.us or contact that State’s concealed carry unit.

Remember, it is your legal responsibility to know and follow the laws in each State that you carry concealed!



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