Matthew Shozda

FMI was founded by Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Shozda, a 24 year veteran of the US Air Force.  During his career Matt served as a Special Operations and Rescue helicopter instructor pilot and, in 2003, he volunteered for training as a Combat Rescue Officer, assuming command of the 48th Rescue Squadron.  Lt Col Shozda qualified as a combat diver, free fall parachutist, and received extensive weapons training.  He served in Operation Desert Storm, commanded a Rescue Squadron in Iraq during 2005, and directed rescue teams during more than 100 missions after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city of New Orleans. After retiring from the military, Matt entered the contracting world as a helicopter instructor pilot and managed an overseas helicopter base.

During his military career, he spent considerable time planning, leading, and commanding operational missions and exercises at the squadron and headquarters levels.  He is an NRA Certified firearms instructor and brings 20 years worth of instructing to his craft.  He offers this experience to individuals, families, and businesses that are interested in improving their readiness for life’s inevitable uncertainties.  You can be certain that his training is systematic, effective, and, above all, entertaining!

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