Shooting Links


Box o’ Truth  Penetration testing with a wide variety of weapons and ammunition.

Blogs and Forums

Shooters’ Realm  One of my favorite shooting forums.

Gun Rights Organizations

Arizona Citizens’ Defense League  Arizona’s premier grassroots gun rights advocate.

Gun Owners of America  An alternative for those who don’t always see eye to eye with the NRA.

National Rifle Association


AZ DPS Concealed Weapons Unit

Arizona Reciprocity Agreements  See which States honor your Arizona CCW permit.

Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network Provides financial and legal assistance to members involved in a self defense shooting.  Links to concealed carry laws for each State.

Traveling with Firearms  TSA’s page concerning how to travel on commercial airlines with firearms.

Snub Nose Revolvers

Defensive Snub Nose  Must see video series for snubbie owners on

The Snub Nose Files  Outstanding site dedicated to Snub Nose Revolvers


Point Shooting  An interesting discussion on the point shooting versus aimed fire.

Training Tips and Resources

Personal Defense Network  Video library on a wide range of shooting and self defense topics.  Good resource for training tips, techniques, and shooting drills.