The Art of Self Reliance

A Practical Approach to Personal Protection and Prepping

The Art of Self Reliance is an introductory course into the world of personal protection and emergency preparation and is designed to show why everyone needs some level of readiness planning and training.  All of us face potential emergencies, from accidents to medical emergencies, job loss to financial collapse, utility disruptions to natural disasters, and from violent crimes to civil unrest.  The course outlines simple steps all individuals and families can take to prioritize their planning, and to effectively respond to and recover from whatever emergencies life throws at them.

Who should take this course?

Individuals, families, and community groups who want to want to improve their ability to respond to and recover from large and small emergencies.  Contact FMI if you would like to schedule a private class.

Course Fee

$149 per person, or
$250 per couple

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Scheduled Classes

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Self-Reliance Seminar, 2-Day
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Course Overview

Duration:  2 Days

  • Why Personal Protection and Readiness Matter to You
  • A Realistic Look at Emergency Scenarios (No Zombies, Alien Invasions, or Conspiracy Theories Here!)
  • Seven Pillars of Self Reliance (Mindset, Shelter, Food & Water, Health & Fitness, Security, Finances, & Community
  • Self Reliance as an Investment and Personal Development Strategy
  • Mental Conditioning: The Psychology of Emergencies
  • Obstacles to Self Reliance
  • First Steps to Self Reliance

Course Requirements