Realtor Safety

This is a personal protection course designed specifically for Realtors and other real estate professionals.  The job of a Real Estate professional often places them in situations of increased risk of violent crimes.  They often find themselves in vacant houses alone or with virtual strangers, are constantly introducing themselves to new people to generate business, and they work odd hours.  This course investigates recent case studies and presents simple steps and safe practices for real estate professionals and their brokerages can implement to enhance safety and reduce risk.

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Who should take this course?

Realtors and real estate professionals interested in learning how to develop safe practices and reducing personal risk during professional activities.

Course Fee

$10 per person (Minimum class size is 5 students).  Contact FMI for group rates.

Class is scheduled on request.  Please include your organization or class organizer when registering.

Realtor Safety
Company or Organizer Name

Contact FMI for group rates.

Course Overview

  • Introduction and Case Studies of Recent Events
  • Awareness and Mind Set
  • Safe Habits for Individuals, Teams, and Organizations
  • Weapons and Self Defense


2 Hours

Course Requirements